Providing speech, language, and feeding therapy to children and adults in Moose Jaw, SK and area

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Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Services


  • A free 30 minute consultation for all new clients


  • $100 hourly rate

Report Writing Fees

  • Free short summaries
  • $60 for reports that take less than 60 minutes to write
  • $100 for reports that take more than 60 minutes to write

Individual Treatment Fees

  • $100 hourly rate
  • Pre-paid packages
    • $380 for 4 sessions ($95 per session)
    • $720 for 8 sessions ($90 per session)
    • $1360 for 16 sessions ($85 per session)

Group Treatment Fees

  • Please contact for more information

Presentation Fees

  • Please contact for more information

Home Programs

  • $60 per hour for preparation

Mileage Fees

  • A flat rate of .40 will be charged per km for clients outside of Assiniboia, Rockglen, or Moose Jaw, SK. If more than one client is seen in the same town or city on the same day, mileage will be split accordingly. 
Invoices are sent out monthly. 
Cash, Cheque, and e-mail transfer are accepted forms of payment.